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In the Dolomites climbing is twice as exciting

Welcome to climbers' paradise

The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a climbers’ paradise, and a sought-after destination for mountaineers from all over the world. Our territory offers experiences for every mountain climbing level, all within easy reach. The view at the top of the Dolomites is worth every drop of sweat!

Follow the footsteps of the climbers who made history

Climbing gives you a chance to test your physical and mental endurance, blending strength, balance and concentration. Follow in the footsteps of internationally renown climbers, using all your psychophysical resources, and pushing your skills to the limits. Here in the Dolomites, Reinhold Messner conquered the Sas dla Crusc (Sasso di Santa Croce), and following this historic achievement, several climbing routes are now open. Each climb will guarantee fun, adrenaline, freedom, as well as breath-taking dawns and sunsets.

Give it a try!

Sas dla Crusc/Heilig Kreuz - Grosse Mauer/Messner-Route, 2825m

This incredible Dolomites route has been made famous by the first person to climb it, Reinhold Messner. The Sas dla Crusc is a huge rampart-shaped mountain that rises up vertically behind the Santa Croce refuge above a base of inclined rocks. Be ready to get awe-inspired!

Via Messner technical data: Difficulty first section IV and V, second section between VI and VII-; elevation gain 300 metres, time required approx. 5 hours.
You arrive at the start from the Santa Croce refuge (which can be reached by chair lift) climbing up the base to underneath the rock face (difficulty II and III, approx. 1 hour).
You descend along the South ridge and follow the equipped trail that takes you back to the refuge (approx. 1.30 hours).
Registration required: Alpine Guides.



5 h climb - 1,30 h descent
ClimbingIn Alta Badia you can follow the footsteps of climbers who made history: it's here that Reinhold Messner completed a memorable ascent of the Sas dla Crusc.
And, it's here where you can test balance, physical and mental strength while climbing to the top. Get ready for the adrenaline rush you will experience while climbing amidst awesome surroundings.