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Slackline, Paragliding, Hang Gliding

Challenge gravity in Alta Badia

Some prefer to test their balance by walking on a flat webbing stretched between two anchors and some just love to take off from the top of a mountain: in both cases, it is a challenge between them and gravity. Choose one of the many specialties and let yourself be seduced by the wind appeal.

Find the speciality that suits you best and take off

Balance, centre of gravity, technique: although coming from a common ground, the concept of flight has many declinations. In Alta Badia you can experience specialities connected to freedom, air and flight at high altitude and, paradoxically, even something conceived to be enjoyed just at a few inches from the ground. Whether it's slackline, paragliding or hang-gliding, make the timeless dream of having wings become true.



Test your balance by walking on a flat webbing stretched between two anchors. Whether it's a challenge to determine who goes the longest runor performs the most challenging tricks, Slackline is the right speciality for you. Find out more



With paragliding you can experience the thrill of a two-seater paraglide led by experienced pilots. Enjoy the landscape of the Dolomites from a unique point of view! Find out more

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If you are concerned whether flying is an activity just for those who have been practicing for years, don't worry: flight is not just for trained sportsmen. Rely on the experience of pilots who know perfectly the winds and the streams of the Dolomites. Contact us to know all the details of the two-seater flight and book an unforgettable adventure in the skies over Alta Badia.

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