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In Alta Badia treasure hunt is even funnier

Test your skills in the hi-tech version of the treasure hunt

Although technology can't replace instinct, it can certainly help. Test your skills in the hi-tech version of the treasure hunt: become a geocacher and immerse yourself in the nature surrounding Alta Badia.

Challenge the other participants and venture into the woods and the trails between Piz La Ila and Piz Sorega equipped with a GPS on the hunt for the "geocaches", hidden objects with a mysterious content.

A territory to be discovered together

Beat your opponents to the punchby skillfully moving in the surroundings. By leveraging all of your cunning you will soon discover why geocaching is so fun and popular.

Take part into this activity with your family and friends or get to know new acquaintances by participating in this exciting gaming experience. You can play throughout the summer by enrolling in our offices.

Give it a try!

Piz La Ila - Piz Sorega

Monday • 19.06 – 18.09.2017
Wednesday • 21.06 - 20.09.2017

Itinerary: You start at the top Piz La Ila cable car station crossing meadows and woods on a fun- packed course towards the top Piz Sorega cable car station. A modern
treasure hunt for the whole family
Meeting: 10.30 a.m. Piz La Ila - cable car top station
Return: approx. 12.30 p.m. Piz Sorega - cable car top station
Equipment: outdoor technical clothing and shoes; GPS is provided at the starting point
Price: € 5,00 (the cable car ride up and down is not included in the price)
Registration required: tourist offices Alta Badia or at „recommended by explore your way” businesses.



2 h
3,3 km
GeocachingGeocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. Follow the hints and, using a GPS, find the coordinates that will lead you to the final prize. Become a geocacher, test your skills and challenge other contestants in the woods of Alta Badia.