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Hang Gliding

Enjoy pure freedom flying over the Dolomites

Welcome to Alta Badia, the adoptive home of free flight

From the success of international pilots such as Alex Ploner from San Cassiano, several times Hang Gliding world champion, to the early flights of those who are approaching this discipline for the first time, Alta Badia can be considered the adoptive home of free flight.

Trace your route in the skies

Make the most of the weather conditions while adopting the best style of flying, whether it is planar, dynamic or thermal flying. Take advantage of the most favourable currents and thermal altitudes to trace your route in the skies above the Dolomites!

It is not possible to practice Hang Gliding in two. Contact the Alta Badia Tourist Associations to find out more.

Give it a try!

Hang Gliding
Hang GlidingGive hang gliding a try, right where some of the best athletes of the discipline were born. If you ever dreamed of having wings, hang gliding is one of the best ways to enjoy the majesty of the Dolomites.