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Fly over the Dolomites with a paraglide

Give free flight a try

For those who want to give free flight a try, paragliding is the ideal chance. Born as a branch of the pilot launching parachute, this is still the most essential and lightweight way of flying.

Between mountain and sky

If you have always dreamed of feeling the thrill of flying up in the sky over breath-taking landscapes, you can do it with the safety that only a professional can guarantee. All you have to do is to wear the harness, trust in the skills of the pilot who will be at your side in this adventure, and enjoy the Dolomites from above while your sail traces its route in the clear sky above Alta Badia.

Give it a try!


From Corvara you head up with the Boé cable car, which is where you’ll take off from; if the thermals are good you’ll be flying over the most beautiful peaks and through breathtaking surroundings. Let the wind take you off to explore the world from on high.

If you stay in EYW Recommended accommodation and book a tandem flight, you’ll receive a free video and photo!

Reservation: Tandemflights Alta Badia
ParaglidingEmotions unfold between the mountains and the sky: with paragliding you can experience the thrill of a two-seater hang glider led by experienced pilots. Enjoy the landscape of the Dolomites from a unique point of view!