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Movi Ment

Test your balance with slackline in the Dolomites

Emotions walk a thin line

Slackline is a sport that does not require any complex equipment, just polyester or nylon webbing, stretched at a certain height, to walk on. That is the beauty of this activity, it is all about the athlete’s balance.

This American-born discipline fits both beginners and experts and it requires all of your dynamic balancing skills.

Pristine nature and stunning views for a great outdoor adventure

Slacklining in the heart of the Dolomites makes the experience that much more special - a great outdoor adventure in the midst of stunning views and pristine nature.

Give it a try!

Test your balance by walking on a flat webbing stretched between two anchors. Experience more challenging tricks, it’s an incredible feeling and an extraordinary thrill, and it gives you a sense of freedom like you’ve never felt before.