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Trail running

Trail running in the Dolomites comes with an extra oomph

Discover the most evocative landscapes of Alta Badia

Try the adrenaline-filled mix of running and trekking between rocky trails and woods: with trail running you will discover the most evocative landscapes of Alta Badia.

Tackle demanding trails and go beyond your limits

Forget about running on a road and be prepared to face challenging terrains and varying slopes. Run into the heart of evocative landscapes without giving up the competition, but leave the stopwatch aside and enjoy the amazing sensation of feeling the ground changing underneath your feet.

The first run in the Dolomites is impossible to forget

Give it a try!

Roda di Lec

Thursday • 20.06 - 19.09.2019

Itinerary: La Villa tourist office - Lech da Sompunt – Lech dla Lunch – Runch farmhouse – Lech da Sompunt – La Villa tourist office
Meeting: 17:00 La Villa tourist office
Return: approx. 19:00
Equipment: Running shoes and water flask
Price: € 15
Registration required: Alta Badia tourist offices or at „recommended by explore your way” businesses.



3 h
10,5 km
Trail Running
Trail RunningExperience mountain-running across rocky paths and woods: tackle demanding trails and test your limits on challenging terrains with varying slopes. Run at the heart of evocative landscapes and test your endurance geared up with just your shoes and a canteen.