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Via Ferrata

Get the adrenaline rush by climbing on a via ferrata

Your strength will lead you to the top

Get the adrenaline rush reaching the Dolomites summits by climbing on a via ferrata: move up on a rocky wall by holding on to cables and clamps all the way up to the top. Make the most of the push from your legs and the strength of your arms as you move from one end hold to the next, moving towards the summit one step after the other.

All the way up to the top in safety

Tackle the mountain all the way up to the top in safety, but with an extra thrill. Climb on a rocky wall, leveraging your skills and a special equipment positioned to facilitate the climb. Hold on to cables, clamps and chains, rely on ropes, heat sinks and climbing harnesses while never losing adherence to the rock.

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Via Ferrata Piz Da Lech

This impressive via ferrata winds through chimneys and crevices, steep passages and two vertical ladder ascents up to a breath-taking summit in the Sella group. This is a natural viewpoint platform above the Val Mezdí valley with a steep wall of almost eight hundred meters. The access to the via ferrata is located near the Kostner mountain hut, at the top station of the Vallon lift. The hut can be reached from Corvara with the Boé gondola or on foot with an ascent from the Campolongo pass via path n. 638. You can descend along the normal route and continue following the path towards the Vallon chairlift and the Boé gondola and back to Corvara.
Registration required: Alpine Guides


4,15 h
2,2 km
Via Ferrata
Via FerrataClimb on a via ferrata and reach the summit: move up on a rocky wall using structures that will ease your ascent, keeping the thrill alive.